Residentie Peter Ablinger

Composer and artist Peter Ablinger came to Utrecht during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek (10-14 September 2014). Ablinger was born in Austria where he studied jazz. Later on in his career he focused more on sound installations, namely on the nature of sound, time and space (components that are said to be of great importance in music). He was fascinated by the term ‘noise’.

During the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2014 he worked together with Soundlings collective and Dutch composition students on the sound installation Suite Botanique that stood in TivoliVredenburg. He also joined forces with Soundlings collective to create a route through the gardens in and around Utrecht where they made the secrets of plants audible.

Ablinger also participated in a seminar about art in the public place where he talked to artistic agents of the fine arts ( in particular to those who work on a multidisciplinary approach).

Le Guess Who?
Ablinger returned to Utrecht in November for Le Guess Who? Festival. Bass clarinet player Gareth Davis is a great supporter of Ablinger’s music. During the Muziekweek he performed The Black Series with The Julie Mittens. With his other group Shivers, Davis performed the dronepiece  “Weiss/Weisslich 21“, made by Ablinger for Turkish cymbal and other instruments.

De Concertzender aired the 24-Hour Dronefest, a 24 hour concert with live drone music,  live from the channel X-rated for 24 hours straight. To listen to this broadcast, click here.