For artists

The city of Utrecht, in the middle of the Netherlands, with approx. 375.000 inhabitants, has quite a rich cultural life. We have many music venues and festivals, but also a lot of theatres and cinemas. On top of that, we have the largest university of the Netherlands and all sorts of schools and education. Residenties in Utrecht is a small platform that brings interdisciplinary networks alive around international artists. The basic idea is: let’s cooperate and bring culture, education and society together.

What we can offer? 

The idea to work with an artists always comes from one of the organisations we work with. They think that an artist the right ideas and capacities to bring them into the network that we have been building. If we select an artist we invite them to come to Utrecht to share your vision with the city. 

We can bring them all through the city, and to all sorts of organisations. Basically, we coordinate your vision and dreams. And bring you in contact with students, teachers and institutions throughout the city . Previous artists explore a huge richness when selected for residenties. We want to challenge you, and we want you to learn. We call that reciprocity. 

There is no artistic vision that an artist has to follow. We like to harvest and share ideas, bring organisations together and we like to try in new ways en forms. Things may fail. We invite you come more often to Utrecht, to get to know the city and get the city to know you. 

What we ask from you? 

You are an artist (or a thinker) with a mission. You like to change of innovate something. Your focus is broad and are engaged into societal topics. 

You are from abroad and bring ideas and a perspective that are new to us. People like working with you, and you like to communicate. You also like to challenge yourself and the people you work with. 

You like to work throughout our city. You like to meet new people and bring new connections.  You are interdisciplinary and are an easy talker. You see opportunities. Most of all you like to lear from new experiences and improve yourself and your work. 

Basically: we can help you in building a citywide residency.